About Us

For nearly two decades fantasy sports have been popular with all types of sports fans.  However, something was missing.  The question was always looming “how do current players compare with previous generations?”  Media, fans, and players alike have debated on this unresolved issue of who is the greatest player of all time.

Fantasy Immortals takes out bias and puts an end to the debate once and for all.  Users have the opportunity to draft all of the greats from past to present.  One of the best trash talk lines of all time is “scoreboard!” Fantasy Immortals answers who is the greatest by that very line.  The winner is determined through actual box scores of the players. 

Fantasy Immortals have blazed a new trail,jaeger lecoultre replica watches and fantasy sports will never be the same.

Fantasy Immortals also gives back to the community.  Fantasy Immortals is a proud sponsor and supporter of Camp U Leadership.